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Factory Authorized - KitchenAid Appliance Repair

While we do all kinds of appliance repair on just about any appliance type, we do perform a lot of service calls and repair jobs on some appliance types over others. Sometimes, however, we do service repairs on appliances because we perform preventative maintenance to prolong the life of the appliances themselves.

If you are considering appliance types, consider KitchenAid appliancesKitchenAid is actually owned by Whirlpool though most people don’t realize that. The company was started in 1919 and started with the free standing counter top mixer! Of course, now we knowKitchenAid produces all kinds of different appliance types. Did you know that their second line of products took 30 years to appear on the market with the introduction of dishwashers in 1949. They became famous and a household name in the 1980s when the retailer Williams-Sonoma expanded nation-wide. All this to say that we know our history like we know this brand of appliances. If you need appliance repair, we can help you today. Call us (202) 559-3966 NOW!