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Appliance repair for all Washington, DC

Appliances have become central to people’s everyday home lives. From your food to your clothing, they play a crucial part in keeping your life running smoothly. Once an appliance gets broken down, this can have a big impact in your routine, your level of comfort and your home enjoyment. The great news is that our appliance repair experts are now here to help you diagnose and address any appliance problem you experience. Whether it is your central air conditioning unit or your washing machine that encounters some problems, your local appliance repair professionals got you covered. Call (202) 559-3966 NOW

AC Repair

AC Repair is a Job that requires sophisticated tools and very specialized technicians. Since AC jobs are usually emergency and require immediate service; You can be assured that you have landed on the right team to get the job done right, on time and for an affordable price. Our technicians are all experts in AC repair and maintenance. Don't waste your time and request a quote and consultation immediately for a premium same day service. Call us now (202) 559-3966 and speak with our professional technicians.

Washing machine Repair

You expect your washing machine to work and work perfectly every time. The reality is however, that these appliances are not going to last forever and there are going to be times when they will either break down or need repairing. The cause of such breakdowns are usually periodic wear and tear and electronic devices within your washing machine that needs to be replaced. The question quickly becomes; what is not working? Where is it located? and how fast can it be fixed? The answers to these questions can be quickly answered and the trouble quickly identified and resolved by our expert team of technicians. Call us know (202) 559-3966 and have your Washing machine repaired in no time!

Dryer Repair

If you are like most people, you don’t spend much time thinking about your laundry room. But, once your dryer or washer breaks down or starts showing disruptive behavior, your outlook will change quickly. Dryer repair will restore convenience to your home. Professional attention for dryer repair needs is important if you like to enjoy quality performance and making sure that your units are giving you the most effective and efficient service. Enjoy savings over purchasing a new appliance and get the most reliable performance you need once you call our professional dryer repair service today! Call us (202) 559-3966 NOW!


Just like the rest of the major appliances in your home, your oven can also become a victim of the usual wear and tear and age. If it sounds like the present condition of affairs around your kitchen and dining table, it is important that the address the problem right away before things turn from bad to worse. Call us at (202) 559-3966 NOW to have us fix your oven, stove and cooktop


Since refrigerators remain functional 24/7, they may break down or become dysfunctional at any particular point of time. They might break down due to a part being damaged or lack of proper care and maintenance. A Malfunctioning refrigerator may cause lots of discomfort as It has to be repaired at the earliest date or preexisting food will rot. In this case, it is vital to hire one of our professional refrigerator repairmen to fix the issue immediately. Call us at (202) 559-3966 and don't forget to show us your coupon to enjoy savings right away.

Dishwasher Repair

Since a dishwasher is an appliance that deals with electrical and plumbing services, dishwasher repairs can be overwhelming for the average DIY enthusiast. Dismantling a dishwasher properly is not easy, and diagnosing the issue while undergoing the correct steps for repair can be very complicated. You need the repair to be done on time and with an affordable price. Look no further than your one stop shop. Call us now (202) 559-3966 and schedule your same day service.

water heater REPAIR

When your water heater stops functioning, one of the things that you may do is to check its circuit breaker. Maybe, it has to be switched back on. Another thing you should do if it’s not the case is checking its plug and electric supply. If that’s working yet your water heater still malfunctions, most likely the problem is a bit complicating. It’s always better to hire the professional so that he can save you time and come to right conclusion as to what is actually wrong with the appliance. All our services come at an affordable cost and within a timely appointment. Call us (202) 559-3966 NOW!


The faster you fix the damaged part of the furnace, the quicker you stop serious damage to your system. Procrastination in furnace repair is bad. You should hire professionals as they can offer you quick fix, but it depends on the level of the damage. Call us at (202) 559-3966 NOW!


Garbage disposal is a very tough appliance and can last for many years with not a single service call. The majority of problems can be easily addressed by trained professionals who have the knowledge and skills needed for carrying out topnotch repair services.  When you hire professionals, you know that you will be getting the best value out of your money.  Call us now (202) 559-3966 and schedule an appointment today.