Quality Service




Factory Certified Technicians

When we say we are all experienced, certified and honest; we really mean it. Our 15 year relationship with all our customers has been truly a great one and we have never failed to satisfy our customers in need. You should be in no doubt about the level of service you will get from us. There is no other team that will be able to identify, asses and repair your appliance in minimal time and cost. Call us now (202) 559-3966 and schedule a same day appointment.

We place a great emphasis on our team's care, training and professionalism and we make sure they are equipped to handle the job correctly from the first visit. 100% satisfaction guarantee is what we promise.

Reliable Appliance Repair

Reliable Appliance repair starts with  trained, capable and equipped professionals who are ready to get the job done from the first visit. We know you are busy and can't afford to deal with the same mess more than once. Even worse, the appliance might be crucial to keeping your house or food cool so nothing spoils or gets ruined. To accomplish this; a few things have to happen.

1-You need to call us right away

2-We need to put you in our Schedule for the shortest notice

3-All you have to do is wait while we take care of all your troubles.

Want more? No problem. Our team is trained to look for and spot other potential problems that might creep up when they perform a preventative maintenance check on the spot while fixing your appliances.



All Smiles

We make sure that the appliance repair job is more than just a repair service. We seek to alleviate your troubles and make sure you are left better off mentally and materially. In order to perform appliance repair; we need to come to your home and engage in the same space where you and your family stay. Confidence and comfort with our presence and activity is crucial and that's why we make sure our technicians are trained to handle all circumstances and situations. Our technicians are trained to make sure that they are respectful and courteous at all times with both your family and property. 

Rest assured you are dealing with professional individuals who are adept at both appliances, cleanliness and customer service. Call us (202) 559-3966 NOW

Ongoing Training

Technology and appliances change everyday and you need a team ,is up to date with all the changes that take place with new models. There is no way to accomplish this from our end without continuous and regular training for all our employees.

We guarantee to service you in the best manner and most affordable price. Our Team is exceptionally trained and capable of carrying appliance repair services in record time and price.

Call us (202) 559-3966 NOW